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Start Fresh

At ECDC, we've got everything you need for a strong start to your day. Keep the momentum going with satisfying breakfast and lunch options, baked from scratch treats, and a wide selection of beverages.

The Coffee Shop

ECDC carries a varied selection of sustainable and fair-trade focused coffee beverages. From pour over to espresso, to a variety of milk beverages, and in-house specialty and seasonal beverages, ECDC offers a full menu of coffee options that will spark joy in any level of coffee enthusiast. The beverage menu also features nitro cold brew and a selection of teas and smoothies. Situated in the middle of bustling downtown Eau Claire, ECDC is the perfect spot for your study session, business meeting, or coffee date.

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Grab 'N Go

While known for top-notch coffee and beverage options, ECDC is also a preferred destination for a wide variety of locally-sourced, and specialty in-house food selections. Whether you are craving something sweet or savory, ECDC hits the spot. You'll also find a delicious selection of fresh house-made baked goods available daily.

An Important Message from ECDC

As an organization, Pablo Group seeks to provide value to our community through Experiences, Entrepreneurship, Urban Living, and Real Estate. The Covid-19 Pandemic and its aftermath offered an invaluable perspective to review and evaluate the state of those endeavors. Each pillar has been uniquely impacted since the onset of the pandemic.
Pablo Group’s Experiences pillar is a collection of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars throughout Eau Claire. As we reflected on the compensation model, we came to the conclusion that we can and will do better. Since implementation in June 2021, every employee within Pablo Group is making a livable wage and eligible for 401k, and those working more than 20 hours per week are offered benefits, including healthcare and paid parental leave. Our prices are inclusive of our pay structure and benefits.
The hospitality and service industries are particularly susceptible to income instability. Our pay and benefit structure aims to help reduce the economic exposure and risk to those workers. It is Pablo Group’s hope that our new structure improves the wage stability and creates better working conditions for employees throughout our organization.

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